Our roots lie in real estate marketing and helping agents broaden their reach by bringing the properties they are hoping to sell to life via video. Today’s consumer is savvy and has more of an opinion about how they are marketed to than ever before. Catering to a consumer looking to make such a significant investment is one that must be taken very seriously and with great care. At Subliminal, we are heralded for our attention to detail and our expertise in telling stories that “subliminally” move people to act.

We insist on working with our clients to tell the story about their property that will resonate with their target audience. Once we all decide on the concept, we develop the script, shoot high-definition video of the property, and edit together what becomes the finished masterpiece.
Our quality control is another aspect that our clients love about working with us. Being filmmakers with a deep understanding of the real estate market, we are perfectionists and are only as happy as our client are when they close a sale.

What makes our real estate videography stand out is that rather than being a series of photos strung together, full high-definition videos are shot and edited to the highest quality possible and overlaid with thoughtful voice over and powerful music.

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